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Our product range
As the manufacturer located in China, we have many products that related to wooden material, all products are made by high quality material, products including as below.
Wooden wine box: including box for 1 single bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles, even 6 or 12 bottles,standard sizes in market, or customized as your request.
Wooden gift packing box: for gift, book, cutlery set, sewing, essential oil bottles, etc. whatever you wanna pack for your gift.
Wooden crates: crates mainly used for home decoration or outdoors, be in piece or in set, nested packing, with natural color or painting.
Wooden cigar box: cigar box are mainly made by solid wood, or MDF with glossy or matt painting
Wooden coffee barrel: this kind barrel is mainly used for packing coffee bean, most of our products are made by paulownia wood, it's light but sturdy, more and more popular way to pack the coffee now
Wooden tea box: normally made by bamboo, acacia, have 6 or 8 or 12 cells, you can put the tea bags in the cells according to different tastes, much more easy for you to organize
Wooden music box: customize music box as Christmas/New Year gifts, can be songs, your voice, your dogs voice as a memory
wooden boxes
wooden boxes
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